example graphicHydrocycler 4: The Hydrocycler is an automated water bath which allows scaling of thermocycling to over 6ooo reactions per run by accomodating up to four 1536 well plates.
example graphicepMotion 5075TMX: We operate an epMotion 5075TMX pipetting robot. This machine can pipette, thermomix and incubate samples automatically and is especially useful for complex media setup, aliquoting and reformating of samples.
example graphicCyBio Selma: A semi-automated 96-tip pipette useful for the flexible handling of 96- and 384-well MTPs.
example graphic3D Printer (MakerGear M2): Our 3D printer helps us to develop custom labware for many different applications.


example graphicParallel Bioreactors: We are operating 6 Multifors bioreactors, three of them equipped with off-gas analysis and massflow controllers. The system is applied for strain characterisation, optimization and small-scale cultivations.
example graphicPilot Bioreactor: Together with the Prof. Neubauer and Dr. Junne (TU-Berlin) we are operating a 15 Liter Techfors-S bioreactor, coupled to a plug-flow reactor, for scale-up/-down experiments.


HPLCHPLC: Our Agilent 1260 Bioinert HPLC allows us to seperate both small molecules as well as proteins. Attached can be DAD-, RI-, UV- and fluorescence detectors.
GCGC: Shimadzu GC-2030 with autosampler and FID detector.
SH800SACell Sorter: For high-throughput screening and selection we operate a Sony SH800SA. All parts that come into contact with the cells can be easily exchanged, thus feel free to contact us if you want to use the machine. Currently a 405 nm, 488 nm and a 638 nm laser are available.
PHERAstar FSXPlate Reader: Extremely fast BMG Labtech PHERAstar FSX is used for microtiterplate reading. It can handle plates with up to 3456-well microplates. We have the following filters available (Ex nm/Em nm) [available from our friends at Fachhochschule Darmstadt]:
  • Fluorescence: 485 / 520
  • Fluorescence: 575 / 620
  • Fluorescence (FRET): 430 / 530 / 480
  • Fluorescence [FH]: 280 / 530 / 350
  • Fluorescence [FH]: 350 / 450
  • Fluorescence Polarization: 485 / 520 / 520
  • Fluorescence Polarization [FH]: 540-20 / 590-20 / 590-20
  • Fluorescence Polarization [FH]: 590-50 / 675-50 / 675-50
  • Time Resolved Fluorescence: 337 / 615
  • TR-FRET/HTRF: 337 / 665 / 620
  • AlphaLISA: 680 / 615
BMG CLARIOstarPlate Reader: BMG CLARIOstar with LVM monochromator (almost as good as filters) for microplate reading outside our robotic platform for plates up to 1536-well.

Standard Equipment

Everything for standard molecular biology (thermocycler, electrophoresis, electroporation, ...) and microbiology (shaking, cooling, disrupting [up to 2x 96 samples], ...).